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Saving Lives

--by venugopal, posted Jun 10, 2006
When I was studying in college, I came to know about my friend Vasanth's mother being sick, she had a kidney problem. He only had a mother and his younger brother, his father had already passed away. In this situation vasanth was staying in a hostel with six people in a room.

One day we got a letter from his mother saying that she's becoming very serious. But he was helpless. He did not know how to handle this. We decided to ask for help in a private hospital, but they were not willing to provide treatment for his mother. Then one of our lecturer gave an idea, to publish this news in newspaper asking for help.

We published the news in a local paper. The next week we got a reply from a person. He wrote a letter from gudiwada that some hospital is providing free medical treatment for the kidney problem. Then my friend admitted his mother in that hospital and she was on her way to recovery.

During the holidays he went to Madurai to meet the person who had helped him. But he only advised Vasanth to read the newspaper every day and serve the poor by informing them of free services. Vasanth came back home and started to follow that advice. Now he and his family are very happy.

Everybody should have a helping nature so that it makes everybody else happy.
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