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The First Day Back To School Starts With Smiles

--by Aurelia, posted May 28, 2010

Today was the first day back to school in my area. This time of year it's chilly in the morning, but hot in the afternoon. My daughter wore shorts, so I decided to drive her to the bus stop and let her wait in the warm car. Everything went smoothly and she was all smiles when the bus arrived and she jump on board.

Then I drove home and as I parked the car, I saw my neighbor taking a photo of her 16year old twins! Some  things never on the first day :)  I said good morning and told them the bus had already come. I saw that the mom was still in her PJs and offered to take the girls to a bus stop in the development down the road.

She was so thankful for my offer ... so off we went. They too were all smiles when they saw some of their school friends waiting for the bus. They hopped out of my car and joined them.

Another school year, another year of hectic morning routines and SMILES :0)



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Sanyogita wrote: Thats was great....Hoppping to school again...Hope u had a lovely morning...
Keep Smiling....:)
Believenow wrote: very nice!
FlyHalf10 wrote: I remember missing the bus once when I was in grade school. A friend's mom was kind enough to give my younger brother and me a ride after I called her in tears. Thank you from someone who has been on the other side of the situation!
wayfarer wrote: Yayyyy, mom!
JuneBug wrote: God bless you on the of the craziest days of the year !!!! It's been two weeks since school started up here and I STILL wanna cry...Next thing you know, they'll be getting married !! :O
Jacinda wrote: Awesome story Aurelia!! That was an awesome act of you helping out! Have a wonderful day! Love and smiles, Jacinda

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