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Helping A Long Distance Old Friend

--by DANCE, posted Jun 9, 2021
An old friend of mine from Argentina is going through some difficult times, not enough work, little income, can't afford the full rent, etc. I am trying to organize a monthly delivery of food for her to help her. I can order a few things for 2 or 3 months and hopefully she won't have to spend  money on it and may help towards the rent, landlord already said she may have to move out 

Trying to sort out the long distance payment and order, not as straight forward as in some countries. To give you an example,

I had sent a simple gift before Christmas 2020: I wanted to support the Elephant Minds Foundation so I bought myself one of the beautiful elephant puzzles (all profits go to the educational projects).

I sent it to my sister's little girl who is learning English. She only got the message to collect the parcel this week, 6 months later!!!! She must now go to customs to take it, and probably pay extra for it! I do feel grateful it's there and not lost.

Wish me luck with my friend, hope it'll make a difference to her struggle.
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Rajni wrote: May almighty god help your friend go through struggles and bring her normalcy and peace with his blessings. Your all other kindness shines. May you be able to continue your kindness journey.
May Ethel wrote: Are you a dancer?
Balou wrote: Thank you for reaching out to her! Especially as long distance payments etc. really are difficult to sort out! I have had similar experiences with postal services unfortunately! Always happy when something arrives at destination, no matter how long it takes .... hope your friend will be ok and get all the help she needs!
Margazhi wrote: I can relate to your kindness my friend. Yes, if it helps that your friend can save money to see another place while yours help her with food, then you are the needed extra muscle to support her now. I do hope your delayed gift make the child's day 🙏
Helenconnell2 wrote: I hope everything is achieved without too many difficulties.
lt33 wrote: Wow so nice of you to go that extra mile for others envisioning great outcome for all 😀
mindyjourney wrote: Not easy being kind sometimes 😊, but your perseverance adds that extra energy! I know, it’s often a challenge..thank you for your help and support 🙏.

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