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Kale Friendly Neighbors!

--by kat94, posted Jun 15, 2021
Last year, we tried to grow kale from seed. It didn't end up working out too well, Canadian weather can get pretty unpredictable. When we see our neighbor, we often exchange tips and tricks. We shared our kale story and a few days later he comes back with several plants for us.

As kale is biennial, the growth this year has been really good. They are growing so tall and producing a lot of leaves. Today I was able to get a bunch and share it with our neighbor. Without his kindness, we wouldn't have this much!
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kat94 wrote: Making them tomorrow! 😋
Balou wrote: Yum! Kale! What a woncerful way to connect with your neighbours!
scully wrote: Nice one and good to share the abundance
mindyjourney wrote: Yummy kale!

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