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Learning Sign Language

--by kperrine, posted Jun 11, 2021
I was helping one of my students study for her upcoming sign language class. The test was picking a partner and signing the words to any duet song she chose.

They chose "Stop Draggin' My Heart Round" by Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks. She wanted me to help her with her cues for the music. I don't know sign language. While watching her, I was able to fake it and be a part of this wonderful project.

I made a few copies of the basics of sign language and now have a great winter project. Learning to sign will be so beneficial to me in that I can help others and finally communicate with a few students.
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samuelsmegan wrote: I also plan to learn sign language soon! Such a beautiful way to communicate really and great song choice for her test :) Good luck to you!
xenahugs wrote: You go, Kathy!!!! How wonderful!! I really think Life is an unfolding adventure with tons to explore and I LOVE the way you're doing it!! You go, Lady!!!! <3
mindyjourney wrote: Great!!! Thanks for helping student :)). Learned a few words last winter, but fell by wayside. Maybe, should rethink for this winter's project...eternally learning <3. Blessings, dear Kath.
pluto178 wrote: We are always learning and we improve with every lesson. x

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