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Sadness in Common

--by jerrybjohnson, posted Jun 23, 2021
When I was six, my mom died in a car wreck. Now I move on and on alone. But one day, I realized I was not alone.

At school, we were watching "The Land Before Time." In the movie, a dinosaur's mom died.  I saw a girl in a chair crying.

I asked her what was wrong, and she said her mom died. I told her she wasn't alone. I told her that her mom is looking down on her from the stars. She stood up and hugged me as tight as she could. My eyes filled with tears. 
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heartofflesh wrote: It is tough on you. You sharing strengthens some else faith.
Rajni wrote: You did a wonderful job. We are proud of you.

Small kids of age six like you feel sorrows for others and console it inspires others. We adult can learn many things from kids. When they grow up with sympathy and compassion, they help change the world. Attitude is a little thing that makes very big difference.
stellas wrote: Omg.... I hope ur okay!
mindyjourney wrote: You absolutely did the right thing <3. Thank you for speaking from heart.
Zette wrote: What a beautiful story of love and kindness.
MariaZ wrote: well done! hugs are sooooo important! Do you think you could look for your girl friend and hug her today as well? I am sure you both will feel great :)! And you are very wise, you are not alone, from everywhere around the world we are with you :) Many hugs and kissess!!!

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