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Tea Bags and Shared Feelings

--by raevienne, posted Jun 27, 2021
A while back a KindSpring member sent me some origami doves. I combined her random act with my own and gave a few of them out along with tea bags.

One lady burst into tears. When I asked what was wrong, she said no one had ever been so kind. She had run out of tea bags and just lost her husband the previous week. We both sat on a bench on our town green and cried with joy.
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Mish wrote: How lovely to see you again, Rae! And what an inspiring share. 💗🕊
patjos wrote: How Beautiful! :)
Rajni wrote: You deserved the memory that you will treasure for life time. You are doing a very good job of adding tea bags to mindyjourney's peace doves.
mindyjourney wrote: Hello Rae! So great to hear from you and that you are still such a kindness force. Appreciate you sharing the tea and doves with such a beautiful ❤️ ☕️. Thank you 🕊.
DANCE wrote: Mindy is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for also spreading kindness
Balou wrote: What a beautiful share, Rae! And Mish is right, glad to see you back!

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