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A Profound Urge To Do Something Outrageously Kind

--by AshleyMarie, posted May 29, 2010

Yesterday, I wasn't having the greatest day. I lost my wallet, and luckily I found it, but the whole mishap messed up the rest of my day. In the evening, I was reading stories on My Life is Average, and then switched to Gives Me Hope. Reading about so many positive experiences and contributions to society from so many different people made me feel very cheerful.

After reading, I was getting ready for bed in an altogether happy mood, and as I was getting out of the shower, I had a wonderful idea. I had this profoud urge to do something outrageously nice for someone whom I don't feel like I've ever done anything explicitly nice, my mother.

That's not to say that I don't love her and tell her as such, but doing the little acts of kindness, those usually escape me. And it's not just me that forgets to do these kinds of things for her, either. My dad doesn't usually buy her flowers (he's gotten better lately... a little), and he never buys her jewelry or anything. And it's not like she's ever said that she cares, but she's a woman, of course she does.

So, late last night, I ordered flowers to be sent to my mother. Never before have I felt so cheerful and excited to see someone's reaction. The flowers should arrive at her house any time now, and I just can't wait for the text message she'll send me after she gets over the shock that I sent her flowers.

I love her so much.

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Jagadeesh wrote: So nice. ,,
Spoonerism wrote: Thanks for this! I agree that our nearest and dearest are often the last people to benefit from our kindness. This is rather unfair given how special they are to us! So remember your loved ones in kindness from time to time is a wonderful thing! Thanks for sharing!
Zevelina wrote: Never forget moms and dads! Great idea!
sharon wrote: Your story really touch me, i lost my mom in aug of last year, i use to buy her flowers, all the time, just to see,her face, i miss her so much,to everyone that still has moms, be good to them, charish every moment,
DebraE wrote: Beautiful ashley. Just about 3 months ago, my mom passed. I did nice things for my mom and took the time to be thoughtful.

Trust me. One day you will not regret
The things you can do now.
deepula wrote: I shd do something to my mommy. I have cards and i gonna get something churned up in a few hrs. Smiles together :):)
Inal wrote: The flowers were such a wonderful act of remembrance and honor to your mom! May the smiles between you grow wider and deeper every day!
sethi wrote: Thanks for being who you are.
Carolyn wrote: That's is jst great to hear. I know all mother's know how much their children love them and never ask for anything in return. I'm guessing she's going to cry after when the delivery man leave. I'm sure you truly appreciate your mom and it just showed.

Reading this brought joy to my heart. Each and every day i hug my mom and dad and tell them i love them. I sent her and my father cards in the mail that suit them to every aspect in my life.

Let us know how it went.
dgrav wrote: Every mother loves flowers. And even more than that, they love that their child would think and act to send them flowers. As a mom myself, the only thing that tops the boquet is the knowledge that my child took the time and thought to send them to me.

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