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Afternoon Snack For Our Neighbors

--by Mish, posted Jun 30, 2021
🌶 Was cutting up fresh red & yellow peppers to have with a hummus/pretzel snack pack when I saw our across the driveway neighbors, through our window, sitting out on their porch.

I know they like raw peppers, so I cut up extra peppers & brought some over ( with a hummus/pretzels snack pack) as an afternoon snack for them.

They were pleasantly surprised 😊
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Rajni wrote: Sun and kindness both shine together.
gardengal10 wrote: What a nice afternoon snack!
drjoybug wrote: Sounds delicious
scully wrote: Delicious and nutritious 😀 thanks for caring and sharing
emmahba26 wrote: How nice of you 🙂
unknown wrote: Looks yum. Love to join you and cut some extra for ya 😘
Balou wrote: Yummy! What a nice kindness! So delicious!
mindyjourney wrote: What a great way to share! :)

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