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Gift Of Qigong

--by Balou, posted Jul 7, 2021
Usually, each semester I take a QiGong course via our adult education centre. Our teacher is a wonderful person, explains a lot but mainly practices with us and always gives only positive feedback. Yes, of course, I can practice myself. And I often do so, but practicing with the other women and my teacher is just better.

For the last year the course was canceled due to the virus, but last week she sent us an email and invited us today to meet in a public park (privately). She practiced with us for 1.5 hours expecting no payment (of course we collected it and provided it for her, she is self-employed and needs it).

A beautiful gift for us!
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Mish wrote: That is so great 👌🏻
mindyjourney wrote: What a gift indeed! Nothing like sharing movement and knowledge together, outdoors :))). Took QiGong some years ago and so enjoyed :).
petroskryf wrote: So glad you could go! Thank you for taking part and reaching out. 💓
drjoybug wrote: Kindness begets kindness
pluto178 wrote: It is a wonderful practice…………..x
Margazhi wrote: Thank you for filling each other dear 💗💗💗
fairykats wrote: I have been exploring QiGong a little myself in these last weeks, but here at home on the internet. It is hard for me to move but I must keep trying. So glad you were able to do in person!

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