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Men Of Influence

--by TC, posted Jun 20, 2021
The men of influence in our lives are our fathers, brothers, grandfathers, uncles, and friends and play an important role in our lives. They lead by example, teaching us how to move physically through our world, how to be strong in the face of adversity, to be resourceful, and how to provide for ourselves and our families.

My Dad taught me how to have spontaneous fun, playing baseball in the middle of the street, in his stocking feet. Today my dad continues to influence me in positive ways. He has faced a challenging health issue over the past few months and has carried on with his life in much the same way as he did before his illness, going about his daily business a bit slower and needing to take more rests but still living his life the way he wishes to.

My grandfather taught me the value of being trusted. My father-in-law influenced my life in a different way. He was quiet, loyal, loving and a man of authority. When he spoke, I listened, as he did not speak unless he had something to say.

My loving husband has encouraged me to be strong and independent, to think for myself, and not look to him for validation. My husband has also taught me to adapt with him to the ever-changing reality of his journey with MS, he has met each one with courage and dignity. I have learned much from the men who have had an influence on my life. For all that I have learned and for the role they played and continue to play in my life I am forever grateful.

I would like to wish all the men of the world a Happy Father’s Day. You make a difference to the men, women, and children who meet you every day. No matter what your role is, you are a man of influence.

(Picture was taken written by TC. Originally published June 15, 2018, Edited by T. Corman for June 18, 2021)
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Mish wrote: Beautiful tribute, TC.❤️
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you, dear TC. We are indeed blessed in the loving and guiding souls who father and encourage us.
dotmatrix wrote: Such a loving, heartfelt tribute. To all the fathers and beautiful men in our lives. ♥.

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