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The Gift Of Kindness

--by petroskryf, posted Jul 1, 2021
Like so many people around the world, I experience my unique share of stress during these challenging times. After a horrible work week, I started crying in a coffee shop yesterday when we waited too long for just two cups of coffee.

The kind owner of the shop came to our table to apologize for the long wait, and also tried to comfort me (still crying) and regifted me a lovely container of succulents that someone gave to her. I thanked her for her kindness in a time I needed it so much, something that I will never forget.💗
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unknown wrote: I do hope you feel slightly better now.
Helenconnell2 wrote: It's good to know of people's kindness!
Mish wrote: Such a beautiful kindness that you so needed, dear one. Our tears do come so easily these days. Blessed Be 🙏
pluto178 wrote: So sorry to hear you are in a sensitive place……….times are tough right now and if a few problems get added to the mix it can all become a bit too much. Hope your feeling better soon x
gardengal10 wrote: How kind that the owner saw that you needed just a bit more care.
SissyLee wrote: What a wonderful shop owner, to come to your side that way.
Balou wrote: So glad the owner saw your vulnerability and responded in kindness! Yes, sometimes a seemingly irrelevant thing can make our composures crack .... sending you loving kindness and hope you will find your inner peace with all that is going on!
mindyjourney wrote: I am reminded about the quote about the kindness of strangers 💕. Grateful your tears allowed another to comfort you. The best we can do is be honest with our emotions and let it all unfold. 🙏 Hope you are feeling better now, my friend. 🕊

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