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Grace From The Universe

--by cabbage, posted Jul 6, 2021
A dear friend who is a mindfulness meditation teacher has been mentoring a young man for the past few years and has been inspired by his persistence and dedication to using mindfulness to deal with anxiety and other issues.

She shared his story with some of us and as he is graduating from high school now she wanted to present him with a graduation gift from our community--we put together a virtual card with all our well-wishes and collected donations to help support his college endeavors.

He is from an economically disadvantaged background and got scholarships to pursue his higher education. Those scholarships cover his tuition/books/meals but not housing. After collecting the donations, one person stepped up with a corporate matching gift via a nonprofit and doubled the amount we could gift him---and guess what---the amount is EXACTLY what is needed to cover the college housing costs!

She presented him with our well wishes and gift yesterday and he was so touched that people that don't even know him would offer this support. I am struck by the serendipity and GRACE from the universe when kindness is the intention.
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cabbage wrote: I also wanted to share that before school started this year I reached out to this friend and said that I had a little something else I wanted her to give this young man---coupons I had been saving for him to use to purchase items for his new place + a beautiful journal for him to write in. She did a double-take when I told her this because she had just that day counseled him about how he should keep a journal when he starts college and she was thrilled to find out that was what I had put in his gift! GRACE strikes again :-)
Mish wrote: So beautiful, Cabbage 💖
unknown wrote: Just what's needed to restore humanity 🥳🥳🥳
Balou wrote: What a beautiful gift! Thank you for being a part of this kindness!
TC wrote: Such a wonderful gift.
mindyjourney wrote: Exactly? The Universe provides ❤️ 😊

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