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The Shopkeeper and Honesty

--by Margazhi, posted Jul 8, 2021
My shopkeeper forgot to add the price of an extra juice bottle, so I kindly mentioned this to her and she corrected the amount. She was so happy for my honesty. 

And here is a server from a house nearby who always offers me the gift of his big smile whenever he sees me. We greet each other with waves and hellos.
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Mish wrote: You are a strong woman 💪
dotmatrix wrote: "She's my feisty 20 gm SAL mouse that can be adored only upon anaesthesia." This had me giggling but also hugging you with compassion. I get it. And what ^ Mish said. ♥.
drjoybug wrote: Bless you both
mindyjourney wrote: So beautiful! Thank you :)
unknown wrote: To see me enter day 42 of cleaning does amaze me. Thank you lovelies for reminding me of the strength I tend to forget or take for granted ...
DANCE wrote: Beautiful
Balou wrote: Beautiful room!... and I second Dot, 😉😂

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