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Zest For Life

--by Balou, posted Jul 10, 2021
My aunt's 80th Birthday is coming up and she will have to spend it in the hospital. Fortunately, just a small procedure this time, and she doesn't mind as she does not want many 'official' visitors. But she has had several stays in the hospital during the last months and - while she's usually fairly positive - had to fight very hard to stay positive this time. Even though I know that her daughter and son with their families will call her and welcome her back home two days later I want to make sure she has a nice day and knows that she is loved so very much.

So today I packed her Birthday parcel and wrote a card for her. I had a faint memory of a poem I once read which I wanted to include and fortunately found it online. I want to share it with you as well, as I really like it. Unfortunately, I did not find an English translation, so I've been doing my own ham-handed translation. Believe me, the poet's words sound far better in the original 😂 :

I wish you zest for life

As with the life-times
It is as well with the days.
None is enough for us, none is all fair
Each has its own imperfections
But sum up all of them together
And you come up with a nice sum of joy and life.

Friedrich Hoelderlin
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Readers Comments

Mish wrote: I like that 👌🏻 Your kind caring will cheer her I am sure. Bless you both.
unknown wrote: Thank you for your caring heart dear. You must be one of the brightest spots during her stay in the hospital. All hard work paid fruit: mother is Corona negative.
mindyjourney wrote: Happy Birthday, to your dear aunt 🍰! She will well appreciate your thoughtfulness 💕. And thank you for the translation :).
gardengal10 wrote: Birthday wishes to your aunt! You are a very thoughtful niece. All the parts of your plan are creative and thoughtful.
fairykats wrote: I like the poem. I think you did better than you think in translating. To life!!
Rajni wrote: Here’s to a blessed, healthy, fruitful, and eventful year ahead for your aunt. Happy Birthday to her, she deserve every bit of it. Your love and care for your aunt shines. She will definitely like the poem.

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