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Neighbors for Life

--by Mish, posted Jul 13, 2021
A longtime neighbor, who was around eight or nine when we moved on the block back in 1978, sold her home. She lived two doors down & we grew close over the years. I’ve seen many of the little ones here grow up into adults, some from infants.

I was so moved when she surprised me with this bouquet of flowers and said “for being such a good neighbor/friend.” We had already shared a few tears about her leaving the other day, so no tears today ❤️ 💐

One of the many kindnesses that she's involved in is called Cody’s Cozy’s, an organization based in NY that donates socks to veterans and the homeless.
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Balou wrote: What a beautiful bouquet!
DANCE wrote: How beautiful!!
mindyjourney wrote: Beautiful bouquet for beautiful YOU! 💐.
pluto178 wrote: Wow there is a lot of change and disruption going on in your block right now…………a shame to lose a wonderful neighbour though but who knows who you are about to meet. X
Margazhi wrote: So many changes in your world mousse ... And you're handling it all gracefully 🙏🙏🙏
Rajni wrote: Love Thy Neighbors.
scully wrote: Lovely flowers Mish, you deserve it!

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