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44 Roses For Strangers 🌹

--by mindyjourney, posted Jul 16, 2021
Keeping in line with our tradition, we finally gave out 44 real roses yesterday to celebrate our anniversary. Mostly to tourists (our town is a BIG summer tourist area!) who were delightfully surprised 😊.

What really makes this annual kindness action so special is how folks open up about their respective anniversary, how they smile and light up, how some say, “this makes my day!”

I wish we had enough roses to gift everyone! Some day….. 😊 🌹
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pluto178 wrote: ….a great idea x
DANCE wrote: Love what you do!!!
Rajni wrote: 50th Anniversary can be a great "rose tour" as suggested by Mish, after some rehearsals. I mean some small rose tours. Wish you all the best, always.
gardengal10 wrote: Well......if you begin today .....:)
Margazhi wrote: I love it here too. I love how you guys open up about your parents with me. It gives invisible strength when we share our common grounds ... As Mishiemoo says, looking forward for a rose tour πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
SissyLee wrote: Wow -- that is an awesome tradition!
Mish wrote: I can envision you both on a cross-country β€œrose tour”, twinnie 🌹

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