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I Made a New Friend

--by dotmatrix, posted Jul 16, 2021
Today I met a lovely 97-year young lady named Mary at my mom's apartment complex. As I waited for my mom, I sat in the car and waved to the folks coming and going. We all agreed it was a lovely day.

Mary sat on the bench and I saw her motioning me over. I got out of the car and sat down on the bench next to her...I'm fully vaccinated:).

"I'm 97," she said, "and I'm so lonely! Everyone I know has died. I am the youngest child."

My heart went out to her and I just grabbed her hand and held on. And she hugged me and we talked for about ten minutes. Next thing I know she kissed my cheek.

"You are the nicest lady I have met today," she said.

"I'm so glad we met!" I said.

I forgot to give her a peace dove, but I was wearing one of the necklaces that Ben made. I only have a few left but I felt like I wanted her to know I was there for her. So I gave her the necklace. She seemed really surprised and delighted.

"Thank you so much!" And she put it on right away. I told her my name and turns out she lives right down the hall from my mom. I left some extra Mindy peace doves (thank you so much Mindy) with my mom. She chose a yellow one (her favorite color) for herself and read the note inside. "I love it!" Mom said. 

When we left, Mom promised to give my number, along with the peace dove, to Mary. So today I made a new friend. =)

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Readers Comments

Rajni wrote: Dot, it looks, you are a magnet of friends. Your way of making friendship shines in a kinder way. May others get inspired to follow suit.
Lt33 wrote: So wonderful you reached out to a stranger now a friend 😁❀
Balou wrote: Such a beautiful connect! Thank you for reaching out to her .... and being the ray of sunshine she needed today!
Margazhi wrote: You are planting seeds of kindness and it's blooming right before you. Thanks to all for helping your mom and your new friend 😘😘😘😘
mindyjourney wrote: Love how you connected w/Mary, dot ❀️. Thank you for opening your heart, gifting not only your time, but a precious necklace from Ben too πŸ•Š. Those Doves…they know! 😊
scully wrote: Thanks Dot, for being there for Mary, and sharing a precious necklace from your Ben. Bless you πŸ™β€οΈ
scully wrote: Ps thanks for Mindy and May the Peace Doves Fly
gardengal10 wrote: Ben is right there to give a gentle push :))

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