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One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

--by cyctw, posted Jul 20, 2021
I've discovered this website called trash nothing. It's basically a place to offer and/or request items for free, or as I like to think of it, as gifts. It's been a blessing to us.

Rather than finding their way to our local landfill, or worse, the ocean, I've been able to provide a young person with a Mac Book Pro so that she can use it to help her find work; some tennis rackets and antifreeze will get some use, as will an electronic dartboard and some bbq tools.

Most of the stuff I put on the site to give away. However, the computer was given to someone who was requesting it. With so many unnecessary items thrown away, I'm glad to have found this service.
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Mish wrote: Recycling with Kindness. Excellent 👍
unknown wrote: I am a big fan of second hand goods so long quality is not compromised ☺️
mindyjourney wrote: We sort of have similar at local charity shop :). Amazing how often we find just what we have been “looking” for!
Balou wrote: Love it when my unused but still good things find a new home ... and when I find something I need in good condition, so I do not need to buy brand new!

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