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Heart Melting Moment

--by scully, posted Jul 26, 2021
I signed up my four-year-old daughter for soccer. During the “game” part of the practice, all the girls as a pack followed the ball, but then my daughter spotted me on the sidelines. She stopped and frantically waved and shouted “That’s my mummy!"

None of the other kids heard it, as they were all on the soccer ball quest. It didn’t matter, as she melted my heart in that instance.

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Rajni wrote: Scully, your little angel spoke her heart. Mom's love can never be paid back in full, she just showed she loves a lot.
dotmatrix wrote: Awww man. Those are the moments you keep forever.
DANCE wrote: How sweet
Mish wrote: Awww...she loves you so much!! I love this, Jen 🥰
Margazhi wrote: I am tempted to speak like Chandler from friends: can this get any cuter? 🤪🤪🤪
mindyjourney wrote: Moments like that are the true riches of life 💕. Thank you for sharing with us!
drjoybug wrote: Aww. So sweet.
Margazhi wrote: So cute Scully ... Give a hug and a kiss to your lil one on my behalf.
Balou wrote: 😂 so beautiful! A moment to cherish!

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