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Serving During Heat Wave

--by Brad2, posted Jul 25, 2021
We're currently under a heatwave around here, spent the past few days going around helping others.

A family of six that were under quarantine, in need of food called me, I then made quite a few calls to make sure they got food, plus milk and pampers for their baby, and delivered more food for them afterward.

Made fried bread for some elders, took food care packages to several single families, made fried bannock cheeseburgers to feed those hungry. Got a bunch of freezies and went around giving them to whoever needed one to keep them cool, and this inspired others to do the same yesterday as well, glad for that.

Took water to several pets who really needed water and made sure they were moved to the shade to keep cool. Been a scorching past few days, but making sure those in need are taken care of. Peace everyone.
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cabbage wrote: Thank you so much for your kindness during the heat wave. You are a rockstar!
pluto178 wrote: You are such an angel x
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for helping others keep cool, fed and safe! Sending you blessings of relief and Peace 😎 🕊.
Mish wrote: All so give yourself a rest please 😘
gardengal10 wrote: Take care of yourself, too, Brad.
dotmatrix wrote: Super spiderman. So much love, Brad. Take good gentle care of yourself too. Peace and a cold iced drink and a cold river to you. ♥.
cyctw wrote: Thank you for taking care of so many, including our four-legged friends<3. Remember. yourself:).
Margazhi wrote: You're a beacon of love and kindness 🙏🌈💚💗🌺
scully wrote: Thanks for all you do!

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