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Seeing A Friend After A Long Time

--by Scully, posted Jul 27, 2021
Today was special, my friend who suffers from severe anxiety and agoraphobia, actually showed up at my home today!

I haven’t seen her in person for over 5 years. I gave her a blue “rebel rebel” purse (she is a big David Bowie fan) and she was delighted. I am very proud of her as she journeys into this new stage of her life.

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Balou wrote: Such a dificult task to do for her! Glad you are there for her to encourage her! Thank ypu for being a great friend!
dotmatrix wrote: That is an awesome gift. You're a great friend.
Mish wrote: She couldn’t ask for a better friend than you, Scully. Bless you both.
patjos wrote: You Rock! :)
mindyjourney wrote: how wonderful for your friend! :)))) Courage in every step and with a rockin’ bag like that, she’s sure to journey on 🚀
pluto178 wrote: Thats fantastic never could there be a more welcome visitor. X
Margazhi wrote: Thank you for being there for her ... And this is a lovely memory you have created 💗

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