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Sharing Nature's Gifts

--by Butterkind, posted Aug 2, 2021
As I was watering the geranium plants in front of my house, my neighbor was passing by for her walk. She appreciated the blooms and so I told her how I had propagated and increased the number of plants, and that I would be able to offer her a few.

The picture shows a couple of plants grown in an empty yogurt container with holes drilled at the bottom. I mixed some potting soil and sand and put them in the container, and after dipping the open cut of the cuttings into rooting powder, I put it in the soil mix with little watering.

It takes 4-6 weeks for the roots to form and then they are ready for repotting and or gifting. My connection with dirt and understanding of plants is also growing in the process. I am grateful for having these plants and the soil as my teachers and for being able to share the fruits with others...thank you!

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DANCE wrote: Kind sharing, thank you, love those geraniums
Lt33 wrote: My friend Kathy does this and shares cuttings with her daughter and eventually share with me a piece of her bamboo plant its tricky so she's trying to figure out where to cut it and reading about it 😀
unknown wrote: Love the technical details ☺️
Mish wrote: What’s better than receiving a gift , like this, made with your own hands & heart. Beautiful, Butterkind 👌🏻❤️
Balou wrote: Love plant sharing!! So kind of you! Tha k you for giving away those beauties!
gardengal10 wrote: The yogurt containers are so colorful. It's almost a second gift!
scully wrote: Thank you butterkind, great to share
mindyjourney wrote: There is something so special about sharing plants, especially ones shared from your garden :)). Thank you for doing with up-cycled materials too 🪴.
lilacgrace wrote: Nature is the best healer.
pluto178 wrote: How easy it would have been to run a garden centre when I was younger …….small amount of stock soon becomes enormous qualtities and stock replacement is free…….I love potting up and spreading the love of gardening so often the hearts of gardeners is generous. x

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