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Turning My Loss Into Someone Else's Gain

--by Mish, posted Aug 1, 2021
I’m going to leave this bag, with a Kindness Card, at the place where I’m going for physical therapy (to strengthen my arm, after a fall injury).

💪It is filled with a resistance band (an elastic band used for strength training) kit. Resistance bands are commonly used in physical therapy, specifically by convalescents of muscular injuries, including cardiac rehab patients, to allow slow rebuilding of strength.

I ordered the wrong item, but instead of returning it, I will leave it there where I know it can be put to good use. 👌🏻

So fun, can’t wait till my next appointment 😊

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Rose-Marie wrote: Wonderful for you but typical of you my dear friend. Sending you lots of love from northern ireland, i have literally just finished my uae stint after 4 years and i'm trying to settle back into my northern ireland life again. I will be in touch dearest mish. Lots of love
DANCE wrote: Thank you!
mindyjourney wrote: Good and kind idea! 😊 💪
gardengal10 wrote: Very clever solution!
Balou wrote: Wonderful idea! I am sure that somebody will be truly grateful for it!
ado wrote: Very sweet of you. Thank you and great that you gave the Smile card as well.
pluto178 wrote: Great idea not everyone has the right equipment x
dotmatrix wrote: Awesome, Mish! ♥.
bluebuddha wrote: Really wonderful and generous idea Mish! Hope your arm is doing better.
petroskryf wrote: So sorry to hear about the fall, hopefully the physical therapy will help. Thank you for reaching out with this act of kindness, dear Mish. 🌺🌼

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