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Service Through Horses

--by 1sher, posted Aug 6, 2021
We are still looking to do more service and are always open to opportunities to help out. When we were climbing, we met a woman who works at a stable near a resort close by.

She told us that we could volunteer to help with horses and ponies- even though we know essentially nothing about horses, my son is very much enjoying his time of service.

As a junior wrangler, they let him stay on a stubborn horse for close to an hour learning to get him corralled.  Unusual and rewarding ways to help present themselves if you keep yourself open to them.
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Readers Comments

SissyLee wrote: It is so wonderful to help and learn about the horses. Your son will never forget this experience.
DANCE wrote: Sounds great for everyone
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you to you and son 🐴 ❤️. We just received certificate and thanks from Wild Horse Sanctuary for sponsoring “Imagine” for another year :)))
Margazhi wrote: It's a good thing kids are exposed to animals in their entirety. It will help shape their personality rounded. At least, that's my belief.
Mish wrote: Simply wonderful 👌🏻
pluto178 wrote: Thank that horse for allowing your son to work with them thats a great compliment to him as they don’t accept everyone. x
gardengal10 wrote: What a great opportunity!
Rajni wrote: Universe conspired to give opportunity to serve. Your son is doing very good work.
dotmatrix wrote: What a great way to volunteer. I would love this. Kudos to you and your son. ♥.

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