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A Restaurant Check Connection

--by bwithintention, posted Jun 17, 2010

We were eating at a restaurant some time back having a wonderful meal together.  Close to the end of our meal, we received the check, which, as good fortune would have it, was not ours.  However, having just been reminded of the many ways our lives are connected through a recent reading, I chose to pay this check as well as ours. 

We left following this encounter and weren't around to see the other people respond or react. Which is just as I prefer it - anonymous. However, the next time we were at the same restaurant, we found ourselves showered with unexpected kindness and gratitude from the staff there. 

Random act...karma...whatever, the whole adventure of it was beautiful and special  just knowing we'd brightened someone else's life...


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trueblue wrote: Nice,
MadeUSmile wrote: I am sure that they were shocked and delighted to have such a kind act spent on them. Can you imagine the mystery of trying to figure out who may have done it...and the means behind the motive? Excellent!

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