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A Lost Kindness Opportunity

--by gaurav79, posted Jun 18, 2010

So today was a monday Morning and like millions of others,  I left home to get to work. The slight difference today from most Mondays was that I was running half hour late and I was feeling stressed about it. 

Just near a major bridge, a car in front of me broke down and I panicked and shifted gear and went ahead, as I was driving past the car, I noticed it was a lady in the driver's seat and the look in her face was quite helpless. I saw her and yet I did NOT stop.

The 'being late' thing was on mind and the fear that my boss will have a comment or two was in my mind and that made me decide to not help the lady. Now I have reached office and feel so miserable.

I am a person who always helps others and this time I did not.

Should I have stopped to help the lady? While I knew the right thing to do was to help that lady at that time, why did the being late to work created such a havoc for me. 

What should one do when faced with a similar situation next time?


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trueblue wrote: Remember. We are only human. Maybe someone else was meant to help her that day. So don't feel bad, im sure she was ok
heartofflesh wrote: Don't allow guilt to spoil your week and it is the enemy reminds all the bad things you did and the times where you failed to act.
I have done wrong things in life but I swore I will never allow the guilt to spoil my present! Admit the mistakes and get on with LIFE!
Jacinda wrote: Don't regret your mistakes you will have lots of time to help people from your lessons of life for next time :)

I had a similar situation the other night after work....Well I got in my car to go home.. tried to turn the key in the key hole and it was totally locked and couldn't turn at all. I sat there trying for about 30 minutes in quite a bit of distress. People drove past and walked past realizing I was in distress and my car wouldn't work but not one person stopped to help. So then I uploaded a "I'm a little stranded, stuck and need some help" message on my FB page through my phone. Then I got lots of helpful suggestions and guidance from all my friends and one hour later my Dad came along and rescued me! Whew!

Thanks for sharing :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Love and smiles, Jacinda :)
Marruda2 wrote: I've been in a similar situation and have also regretted not lending a hand. I think that you gotta "play it by ear" or just "go with the flow" as they say and do the most you can. If you know your boss wouldn't mind you being a few extra minutes late...then by all means stop. But if it means you might loose your job and you have a family to support this wouldn't be an option(you can at least call the police so they can provide the driver some assistance)
JuneBug wrote: I agree with Marruda2...Don't feel guilty. I am sure someone helped her even if it wasn't you. You will have plenty of other opportunities to help many people. :)
Aurelia wrote: I am not sure if you have a cell phone. If you do, you can always call for help for the person. I was stranded once and EVERYONE rode by me because the assumed I had a cell phone and would call for help. It was a busy road out in the middle of nowhere and walking would have been dangerous. Finally a police office came by and got me help.
Don't feel guilty...I'm sure she got the help she needed, she just had to wait a little bit.
MadeUSmile wrote: Sometimes the best thing that comes from regret is that is causes us to work so much harder the next time!

So you didn't follow your heart this can't go back and change it...but you can use that as a reference point for upcoming situations.

We cannot always be all things, to everyone. Just lay the groundwork for what you'd do differently should the opportunity present itself again. Live and learn...but don't be too harsh on yourself. You're heart was in the right place...but sometimes other issues just get in the way.

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