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Simon Says :)

--by cyctw, posted Aug 14, 2021
While a friend and I were dining at a "new to me" vegan restaurant, Simon, as his name turned out to be, approached us. He asked if we had a dollar to help him in his bid to find a meal. I went to my wallet and, knowing that one dollar would not buy Simon much, but that that $10 could get him something like the burrito I was eating at the time, I offered him the ten instead.

We started talking and Simon said, "I think I saw you when you were much younger!" I replied, "yeah, maybe even in a previous life." Then Simon asked if we'd like a bottle of water. Since my glass was empty, I felt the need to accept his kindness and say yes. As Simon dug into the cooler he was wheeling, I noticed that rather than the normal ice you would see in one of these, he stored his clothes, as well as his drinks.

Maybe Simon saw this as me buying something from him, as opposed to just giving him a handout. That would be much better for his soul. Simon handed me the bottle of tepid water and, as he walked off he said, "Simon says, be cool."
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SissyLee wrote: that is a great story. "Simon sez, be cool!"
dotmatrix wrote: A soul-felt exchange for both no doubt. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this story. ♥.
Balou wrote: Thank you for helping him out ... and maybe Simon just was glad that he could be kind to somebody else as well?
Mish wrote: Such a sweet meet, cyctw 👌🏻❤️
Rajni wrote: Nice story made me smile. It is wisely said that 'Be kinder than necessary" and you just made it walk in your life. You did a very good job. Thanks.
mindyjourney wrote: Who knows…maybe in a previous life indeed! 😊. A great connect with some cool kindness too. Thank you 🙏.

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