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A Hug In A Box

--by mindyjourney, posted Sep 27, 2021
A boxful of sunshine and smiles arrived in the mail yesterday!

The delightful Dharma Comics “You make me happy” card was signed with love and gratitude by the Universe, but I have a strong suspicion who the KIND friend is.

As I opened the box I felt a whoosh of good vibes and loving-kindness, like a hug in a box reaching across the miles, right into my heart, setting a smile there 😊.
What a funtastic array of thoughtfully selected goodies to enjoy and share!

❤️ A flock of handcrafted heart and smile pins,
🥑 some huge homegrown California avocados,
🥜 a jar of healthy homemade peanut butter,📕 one of the sender’s favorite books, even signed by the author,
🪙 and a 1991 proof set of Mt. Rushmore anniversary silver coins!

Thank you, kind friend. Thank you, Universe.
You make me happy too 😊.
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Readers Comments

Barb wrote: Oh my. A 1991 mt rushmore coin, truly a treasure.
Mish wrote: I think I know who kips are sealed tho 😉
gardengal10 wrote: Let's dwindle this down to the west coast of the U.S.?
dotmatrix wrote: Oh gosh! How awesome! This has me grinning. ♥.
Lt33 wrote: Aww I love those happy faces they all have different expressions each one made a little different blue ,red colors love the Burgundy heart my fave 😍
unknown wrote: A perfect keepsake to hold onto and share with others ☺️
DANCE wrote: I love them! I've got one of the little smiley faces, given by one of our very kind friends here in UK. We are so lucky to have people like them
Balou wrote: What a great surprise gift!
scully wrote: So amazing Mindy! What a lovely surprise ❤️👏👏

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