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Compliments Are Meant To Be Spoken

--by Mish, posted Aug 27, 2021
After spending 20 minutes on hold for Customer Service the sweetest gal came on the line. She had a gentle manner, went the extra mile & was very efficient.

At the end of our call, I thanked her for her time & patient assistance & told her it was a pleasure speaking with her. Her effusive sharing of appreciation of my words touched me deeply.

It made me happy to feel the heartfelt uplift in her spirit. So easy to simply let someone know you appreciate them. 👌🏻

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Lozer wrote: Wisdom from a grandma, "complements are to be felt"
Lt33 wrote: Yes I do that a lot with people I talk to on the phone ask them their name or they tell me it when they first answer my call yesterday I was talking to a lady from DISH trying to figure out why were having problems with our signal keeps going out on many channels even when we have good weather for a couple months I reassured her my patience told her that's ok take your time and thanked her by her name sometimes take survey for them after telling them about their great service too 😀
mindyjourney wrote: Such a common courtesy! Thank you for your patience and appreciation of customer service gal 😊
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for your patience while waiting on the line, Mish. Also kindness in another way. 🌼🌸
Margazhi wrote: A similar thing happened wherein a Ms P saw to it that my day-long pending order was taken care of in 10 mins by evening. I appreciated her promptness 💗☺️
michelelpurce wrote: customer sevice people i think are underthanked. they do alot and go through alot. and you never know what some are going through and your compliments on a job well done or have touched your heart in some way could really make their day. Thanks for doing that! :)
pluto178 wrote: So true and its not their fault its busy that day………its the company’s fault for not employing enough people. X
drjoybug wrote: Well done
Rajni wrote: Gratitude is the best attitude, You deserved appreciation.
SissyLee wrote: Coming across these people in customer service is such a joy. And yeah -- so many have it rough. they are overworked and underpaid.

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