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The Baker, the Tailor, the Ray of Hope.

--by ssdheep, posted Aug 23, 2021
Many people have experienced negative consequences as a result of the Covid restrictions. This includes small business owners who were forced to close. However, there has also been a chance for some people to demonstrate great acts of kindness and shine a ray of hope. 

One of my friends owns a bakery. Because of the lockdowns, he ran into a financial crisis. He had to shut his shop for months causing his debts to mount up. 

My friend had previously rented his apartment to a tailor, but this man also struggled to earn a living due to the impact of COVID. Even after the restrictions were lifted his business was not picking. Somehow the tailor managed to arrange for the rent to be paid to my friend after months. However, my friend refused to take the money. He discovered that the tailor had sold one of his machines to pay it. He advised the tailor to buy back his machine and not to worry until the situation had improved
My friend is now out of debt as the bakery was allowed to do some business through online vending. Though there are some restrictions, he was able to manage his earnings.  

I feel his benevolence gave us all a ray of hope and helped him to clear his debts.
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Sabrina wrote: Inspiring human, the baker. The baker and the tailor for supporting each other.
Thanks for sharing it.
Sabrina wrote: An inspiring human, the baker.
Both understood each other's predicament. Thanks for sharing this.
LoveyDovey wrote: A kindness boomerang!
Mish wrote: His good coming back to him 👍❤️🙏
michelelpurce wrote: i just love when this kind of thing happens. :) he did good to help and it came right back to him. wonderful kindness. :)
Helenconnell2 wrote: Sounds a very kind person. 😊
mindyjourney wrote: A very good heart ❤️. Thank you for sharing this true tale of kindness in giving and receiving :).
DANCE wrote: How lovely!
pluto178 wrote: One good deed begets another x
unknown wrote: Very powerful a narrative both souls have spun unto each other ... Very inspiring.

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