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Tiny Miracles of Nature

--by balou, posted Aug 28, 2021
Yesterday I stopped at a small scrub and watched the ants 'milking' the aphids / plant louses.


An elderly lady approached the street crossing near which I stood and was struggling with her bags, so I asked her if she needed help. She refused but stopped for a moment to vent -- her day had been difficult so far and she did not feel well.

I listened and when she asked me what I was doing and where I was going, I told her that I had been distracted from my own tasks by watching the ants.

She was fascinated, looked for them herself and we stood there for another couple of minutes focused on the ants. She told me that as a child she used to be fascinated by all critters but stopped watching them when growing up.

When we parted she was far more relaxed, thanked me again for connecting her to nature's tiny miracles as she vowed to look for them more often. 😊🐜  It was a good reminder for myself too.
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Mish wrote: You were able to redirect her focus off herself & onto nature, taking her back to a happy memory. What a great connect the universe orchestrated there for you both. I often watch insects when I sit outside...esp. love when butterflies are present. 🦋
brindlegirl wrote: What a beautiful moment you were able to capture and bring back to love. Bless you xox

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