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Virus Free Hug

--by cyctw, posted Aug 30, 2021
Today was a big day at our school. 337 of us were tested for the Covid-19 antibodies! 336 tests came back negative and one test showed that someone did have Covid-19 somewhere between 3 weeks and 3 months ago. So, we were all in a safe least for today. So, while I'm teaching my class via zoom, my colleague in the room next door peeked her head in and asked if I was teaching. I said yes, but I sensed something was wrong so I asked her what was up.

She told me that her brother passed away today. She told me about their troubled relationship, she hadn't seen or spoken to him in many, many years. But she also spoke how there was comfort in knowing that he was on this Earth; now that was gone. I just listened.

And then I said, "if it'd help, and you want, I'll give you a hug." She smiled and said, "Did you test negative?" What followed was a wonderful and tender embrace. I just held her as she cried. It seemed like forever. And then when we separated I told her what a dear friend had told me about hugging. If you hug with the left arm over, right arm under, and head on the left, you get a heart-to-heart hug! She really liked that <3.
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cabbage wrote: Hugs are the best--glad you could comfort your colleague!
Sabrina wrote: Thank you so much for the hug and the time you gave her.
Good that you all tested negative and here is a big hug to you.
Kristin Pedemonti wrote: Thank you for sharing a hug. ♡ as someone who for 12 years never left home without her free hugs sign, i can attest to the power of hugs to heal.
After sharing a hug with a young unhoused man i used to intentionally seek out other folks on the streets offering hugs. One woman whispered in my ear "thank you, i ain't been touched in 20 years"
May we never forget the power of a hug. ♡
More than anything, during this pandemic, i miss real hugs.
Virtual hugs from ny heart to yours.
Kristin 8
Rose wrote: An amazing doctor recommended hugging as treatment for joint pain.
Having a gentle soul is a fine quality in any human.
This is it. This is real. This is nice. A hug awaits you.
Khokha wrote: all of you were virus free, that's good! Thanks for your explanation about the virus free hug! And so good that you could be of comfort to your colleague.
mindyjourney wrote: a KS friend shared about the heart to heart hug last year ❤️ ❤️ :)). Thank you for listening, caring and keeping space for her grief.

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