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Apology Is Kindness

--by Mish, posted Sep 12, 2021
I just called a neighbor to apologize for rudely waving her off as she approached us, while we were in the midst of an intense conversation with someone yesterday. I was stressed out at the time and forgive myself but felt very badly about it. She was very kind & kept insisting no apology was necessary and that she hadn’t felt insulted, but I told her she’d make me feel better if she allowed me to apologize. Okay, she said, apology accepted. Then we both laughed.🤣

Hopefully, I can do better next time, in a similar situation 🥴

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Balou wrote: Better this way as the other way round. Never easy to apologise, but necessary. Glad she realised that it had nothing to do with her and everything with the situation you were in at that time!
mindyjourney wrote: Asking for forgiveness is one of the most difficult things to do! Well done 👸🏻 ❤️.
unknown wrote: No matter how human we're (absolutely understandable), taking responsibility for what felt unfair on our part is a very beautiful thing to do. I am sure you both have this incident to recollect and even laugh at because that's how love and trust gets built for me 😘😘😘
Wholesome4 wrote: Great
cyctw wrote: forgiveness can be so healing<3.when someone apologizes to me I generally say something like, "accepted, but not necessary." that allows us to all feel better:).
LoveyDovey wrote: Love and light to you!
greenurlifenow wrote: That’s wonderful. Well done. Never easy to apologize. 👏
pluto178 wrote: Im sorry please forgive me I love you thank you……….works every time. x
Rajni wrote: Lesson Learned that is important. Apology frees us. You did a good job, Mish.

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