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There are Always Blessings

--by Mish, posted Sep 4, 2021
I was asked to accompany someone when they went to their doctor for an annual wellness visit. They didn’t want to go alone. Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room is not something I really am comfortable about right now, during the current covid variants, but I wanted to be supportive, so I went.

It was a long wait. The seats were spaced out & everyone wore a face mask 😷

I got a lot of reading done & when I began to get fidgety I closed my eyes, did some deep breathing & silently mantra’d. I reached for my companion’s hand when he appeared nervous & encouraged him to do the same.

We rewarded ourselves with a leisurely lunch after.

So, the blessings that were found there included getting a lot of reading done, comforting someone, meditating, shining light on everyone in the waiting room & a nice lunch. Always blessings to be found.
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Readers Comments

unknown wrote: Co-meditating helps a lot 💗💗💗
drjoybug wrote: You are a good friend and found a win win way to help. Thank you.
mindyjourney wrote: That’s what we do, we help ease the worry by being there when needed ❤️. Thank you for doing so mindfully 🙏.
michelelpurce wrote: your blessings just keep going and coming back. so kind of you to go with even though it is not one of your favorite things. :)
Balou wrote: Everybody would want to have a friend like you, Mish! Thank you for being there for him!
pluto178 wrote: Sometimes we all have a need of support until we feel stronger you were there just at the right time. X
LoveyDovey wrote: You are a true friend!
scully wrote: Mish, thanks for going out of your comfort zone to help your friend!
DANCE wrote: such a kind thing to do, I myself understand how lonely and scary it can be to go to doctors alone... bless you

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