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Back To School

--by cyctw, posted Sep 3, 2021
Since returning to teaching (I enjoy it so much, calling it "work" doesn't seem fitting!), I've found myself super busy. This evening I have some reflection time. One thing that hasn't changed is that kids will be kids. Yes, they are super inspiring and continue to amaze me with their accomplishments and kindness...and many still don't pick up after themselves:(.

At school, I've had the opportunity to spread kindness by returning dirty dishes to the kitchen, picking up litter (why, oh why do we continue to use plastic?!), and trying to make students feel seen by being deliberate about greeting them as I pass by. Of course, I've had the opportunity to deliver, anonymously, four packages of tomatoes and

What I am most excited about is a delivery that I get to make on Friday. A dear friend found an organization accepting donations for helping the soon to be here refugees from Afghanistan. They will need so much support when they arrive and I'm fortunate to be in a situation where I can be of service if even just a bit.

Oh, and the wife has been begging me to make a vegan key lime dessert that she has been craving. I told her I would make it, but probably not until this weekend. However, I surprised her and made the dessert last night<3. She was delightfully surprised! We'll say that puts me at 50 kind acts for my birthday. :).
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cabbage wrote: Beautiful kindness all around---thank you for being you :-)
Mish wrote: A true blessing to love your “work”. You are inspiring, cyctw.🙏
michelelpurce wrote: i too loved my job and upon retirement i couldn't believe the time was past. that is a true blessing. you sound like you bless so many. and you are planting seeds in those young people by treating that way. and then with your spouse... you are just spreading kindness all over the place. :) great job
mindyjourney wrote: Grateful that you are enjoying where you are, my friend, doing the things you do with kindness and mindfulness 😊. That is how we change our corner of the world! 🌎 🕊
pluto178 wrote: To enjoy your work so much and the bonus of being paid to enjoy yourself……thats Heaven x
lt33 wrote: Wonderful kindness to many who cross your path well done my friend 😉😃
DANCE wrote: Thank you for all the thongs you do to help others

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