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Birthday Gift

--by Butterkind, posted Sep 9, 2021
Today I gave a surprise visit to my music teacher at his house for his birthday. And I gave him a bouquet of flowers, a card, and a pothos plant (money plant).

But the treat that I received was beyond my expectations! His wife and he shared a full lunch with me of a delicious sweet dish, curry, and vegetables alongside watermelon juice. They even packed food for me for my family along with figs from their tree.

I feel so grateful for their company as they are very peaceful, simple, and kind people to be with. I started to feel like it was my birthday. :)
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cabbage wrote: Wow---what a beautiful birthday celebration for both of you :-) so sweet.
Helenconnell2 wrote: What a lovely exchange. I love figs and they look delicious - enjoy them.
Mish wrote: Wow, such a bounty of kindness! Beautiful, Butterkind ❤️❤️
Rajni wrote: Elders give something to younger generation when they receive something. Your gift to your teacher was a very good act by you. Our teachers deserve our appreciation. Enjoy your gift.
drjoybug wrote: Delightful kindness both given and received.❣️
michelelpurce wrote: that kindness went around quickly. you did wonderful. i love fig newtons and never saw raw figs. thanks for sharing. :)
mindyjourney wrote: What a beautiful circle of giving, dear friend!
lt33 wrote: Kindness is like a boomerang it comes back to you 😃😉
Balou wrote: Yummy, what a beautiful day of shared kindness!!,

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