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My Thank You Poster For Neighbors

--by bkuhns54, posted Sep 8, 2021

I created a thank you poster and put in my front yard plant area for all of my neighbors to see. It's a simple thank you for being amazing neighbors. I'm attaching a photo of the poster. I will try to be here more during the challenge. Enjoy your day friends :-).
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NeonKind wrote: Loving a neighbors neon light of a peace emblem ✌
This is great idea too!
rajni wrote: Your thank you poster planted in front yard will magically grow in to the hearts of neighbors and passer by as well.
mindyjourney wrote: That’s so sweet, my friend! Thank you for doing :))))
patjos wrote: That is amazing!Well done. It will really be appreciated! :)))
janfour wrote: i really like that so much! terrific idea!

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