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Unexpected Warmth At An Airport Counter

--by luckyman, posted Jun 19, 2010

One important meeting lingers in my memory for  a long time through which I learned an unforgettable lesson.

Way back in 1991, I was traveling for the first time from India to another country. I was at Mumbai airport , not familiar with all the formalities of flying and reasonably anxious, and was standing in the queue to collect my boarding pass.

I told the nice lady at the counter that I was flying for the first time and so I would need some guidance. Immediately she smiled and said, "If you don't know you must ask." Until today, I have still not forgotten that lesson I learnt and I treasure her smile. I will never forget her for being so patient and guiding me with warmth and kindness. 
Years later, I read somewhere, "Every opportunity to make contact with another human being is a blessing from God."  
It brings back warm memories and whenever I feel a little down I recollect this interaction and any time I do, you will find me smiling!
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sabrina wrote: True, unless u ask, u never know. Thanks for sharing. I totally agree about god blessing us. Have a nice day!
Kiteflier wrote: Smiles to you!:)
Bluebell wrote: Lovely post. Thanks for sharing. Love, Light and a Thousand Smiles, Bluebell
JuneBug wrote: Yes, it is up to us to continue that chain of kindness and smiles so we can be a good memory to others....:)
heartofflesh wrote: Thank you June!
You have been a good friend(yet to meet you) and has encouraged me a lot.
How do you manage to write so well?
May be, It's a secret!
Jacinda wrote: Awesome post! Thanks for sharing :) Let's get this ripple of kindness to move across the world like wildfire! :) I hope you have a wonderful day! Love and smiles, Jacinda :)

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