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Constant Love and Kindness from Caregivers

--by bradleybp, posted Sep 16, 2021
Caregivers continue to work tirelessly at the retirement community I live in. They take our temperatures every day, pass out medications, and assist the kitchen staff with delivering meals to our apartments. All that and more, in addition to the services they provide for those here in memory care, assisted living, and residents who require post-acute attention. They are blessed angels, powered by God, and I am abundantly blessed to see them here every day.
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rajni wrote: You both deserve each other's love. Their services are priceless . They dearly deserve your gratitude. May God bless you all.
Mish wrote: They truly are “blessed angels”. Bless them & bless you. ❤️
mindyjourney wrote: Agree, my friend. Mother Esther is in a similar living space and I am so grateful for the care she is receiving!
Joserra wrote: Amazing to feel your gratitude for them! They are so blessed to have you with them too!
kvpsummer wrote: tirelessly working for love and healing...what a wonderful way to live

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