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A Penguin Surprise

--by Aurelia, posted Jun 22, 2010

I saw the cutest little penguin Christmas tree ornament, which made me think of a teacher at school who really loves penguins. It was inexpensive, so I was able to buy it.

I saw the teacher leave the room for her lunch break, so I was sneaky and left the ornament on her desk...with a little tag saying, “Just for You...I hope it makes you Smile!”

She was so surprised when she found it there. She told the faculty that she is going to figure out who put it there.  I don't think she will, but I do know that she was smiling as she walked up and down the halls that afternoon. :)

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trueblue wrote: Its the little thing in life. Thats so sweet :-)
SweetieAngel wrote: Even the little things can leave a big smile :)
JuneBug wrote: TEE-HEE !!! DON'T CHA JUST LOVE IT???? :D
iferlamb wrote: Awesome!!

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