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Never Too Much Chole

--by cyctw, posted Sep 18, 2021
This morning I get the text, "Can you come by and pick up some biriyani and chole I made for you?" This friend knows my love of Indian food, especially chole. And when it's made with her love. Oh, it's so, so sweet! I couldn't resist. I had to nibble on the meal as I drove back to work.

As I get home from work and Neeta who owns the water store with her husband, where we buy our water, calls me. She says, "I made some chole and I know how much you like it. Can you come and pick it up?" What? I can't believe my luck? Who am I to turn down such kindness?

I also needed water and had some tomatoes from our garden, so I was able to gift her some of those. She told me how much she loved the last batch I gave her. 
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Mish wrote: Beautiful circles of kindness there, Bradley. ❤️
pluto178 wrote: Chole isn’t short for cholestrol is it lol……….your making me hungry x
michelelpurce wrote: what a wonderful thing for both of them to be thinking of you with love and chole. :) i had to look it up and it does look delicious! your kindness is being returned to you. :) happy for you.
unknown wrote: What goes around comes around, happy for you ☺️
mindyjourney wrote: Tomatoes!!! A great kindness in gratitude for the delicious food :)
singhharry1996 wrote: How wonderful exchange of meaningful small gifts!
Balou wrote: Such beautiful connections!
DANCE wrote: Kindness given and received :-)

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