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In that case, just forget it.

--by wxyzedward, posted Sep 21, 2021
Years ago I began to learn to drive in a driving training center which was a few miles away from where I lived. I had to get on a bus to get to the center and the bus fee had to be in small change for there was no conductor or any automatic paying system available on it.

One day I was in a hurry before I dashed to the bus stop. When I stepped on the bus, at the fee collector which was a box, I began to feel my pockets to find some change but failed.

I searched and searched but it seemed that there was none, and began to feel embarrassed. At the same time, the bus door was already closed and it was moving.

I apologized to the driver and said I would get off at the next stop though I should get to the training center in some other way. Just at this time, a lady beside me told the driver that she would pay for me. I didn't know the lady.

But before I started to expressed my thanks, the driver said, "In that case, just forget it." And then he said, "If you meet someone who forgets to bring bus fee with them, just pay for it and pay it forward."

The time has long gone for us to need to bring any cash while traveling and because I seldom get on a bus because I have my own car. But I sometimes prefer to riding a bus to see if there is anyone who needs any small change and then I remember the experience I will never forget. And I hold the belief that a small kind action can be printed in my heart as long as I live.
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Rajni wrote: Nice people meet nice people that is why you met nice bus driver to tell you " "in that case, just forget it. " i would have paid double fare to pay off past ride fare. Or i may have bought some food/item for needy people to pay forward bus fare amount or more.
scully wrote: Lovely to pass it along
Balou wrote: A beautiful example of "paying it forward"!
Lt33 wrote: Thanks for sharing what a great story of kindness that so many people the lady, bus driver and you shared full circle love that 😍😃
SissyLee wrote: I love this story.
mindyjourney wrote: those kind gestures reach far past the moment! thank you for sharing with us :)
dotmatrix wrote: What a great story of kindness. Thanks so much for sharing it! ♥.
Mish wrote: Beautiful....kindness is so contagious ❤️
wxyzedward wrote: That's great to say kindness is contagious and the wonderful world can be away from evil and disturb if all can perform that way! Good work, man.
Margazhi wrote: Thank you for remembering this kind man's gesture.

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