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Rani's Gift.

--by Butterkind, posted Sep 29, 2021
I was at the cafeteria on the ground floor of Sakra world hospital in India, with my mother. We had come over to eat our lunch. Since we had waited for quite some time, we decided to get it packed to go. We then headed back to the private room on the 5th floor where my father was admitted.

In the evening when my mom and myself were preparing to leave, I took my bag and found that the money purse in it was missing. I had carried 40 thousand rupees cash in it since I had to pay some bills. I started to look around in panic, and then recalled my visit to the cafeteria a few hours ago!

So, as I was heading to the cafeteria, I was quite disappointed at my irresponsibility and hoped that no one would’ve stolen the purse. When I entered the cafeteria it was quiet, and just a couple of attendants were hanging around.

I asked one of them if they had seen a grey pouch. They asked me to check with the cleaner lady named Rani who happened to be mopping the floors. When I asked Rani she told me to check on the counter.

To my big relief, the money pouch was there! I took it and took a peep inside, and yes, all the money was there too!

It was obvious that Rani was not aware of the contents of the purse.
She told me how she had spotted the purse while cleaning the table, and just put it at the counter, as usual. I thanked her and left.

I later came back and gave her some money as an appreciation for her sincerity, but she was smiling with embarrassment (behind her mask) and unwilling to accept anything. But I insisted that she accept it and she finally agreed.

I was immensely moved by Rani’s honesty and so glad to have met a person like her!
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lilacgrace wrote: So wonderful to know people like Rani exist in this day and age we live in.
Rajni wrote: Rani's honesty story is sure to inspire others. Thanks for sharing.
michelelpurce wrote: so wonderful to yur story, missing your purse could have doubled your day with worries of your father as well. i think we need to hear more stories of this. so happy for you and hope your father recovers qui kly. :)
mindyjourney wrote: Thank goodness Rani helped keep safe your purse! Grateful for Rani and her honesty 😊. Blessings of healing to your father and support to you and your family 🙏.
pluto178 wrote: I was in a horrendous situation once and had to phone people and left my purse in the phone box…………I got it back through the police I have never forgotten it because it was a tough time and if it had gone for good it would have been another blow….its return was ulplifting to say the least. x
Mish wrote: She sounds like an “earth angel”, Butterkind. So glad you had a happy ending to your shock at the missing purse. May your Father heal well & thrive. 🙏

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