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πŸ… Tasha’s tomatoes and the mailbox of kindness😊

--by mindyjourney, posted Oct 27, 2021
I have quite a collection of notes from Tasha, our interim mail carrier. She leaves them to show appreciation for the baked goods I’ve left for her in our mailbox.

Now, it’s my turn to write her a thank you!

She gifted us with a generous selection of home-grown tomatoes. They are always a challenge to grow here in the Black Hills and are considered a sort of “red gold.”

YES, tomatoes for cookies are more than a fair exchange, dear Tasha! LOL! 😊.

I may not have much daily contact with people on our 10 acres, 7 miles from town, but there are ways to share kindness even this far out in the sticks!

Grateful and blessed for the yummy mailbox circle of kindness πŸ™.

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Kindsoul wrote: You are a kind & genuine soul.
scully wrote: Lovely exchange of foods
dance wrote: Generous of her, appreciating all your kindness, so blessed to have these people around you
Margazhi wrote: Gosh, how do you manage 10 acres dear? Know what, I tried growing tomatoes and monkeys stole them all the time. Please congratulate her on my behalf and may red gold grow in your beautiful place πŸ… πŸ… πŸ…
michelelpurce wrote: that is our Mindy! ! :) always can hand out kindness even in the most remote places. :)
greenurlifenow wrote: So awesome. πŸ’•
Rajni wrote: Kindness is a two way street. Sister Mindy, you deserved these yummy tomatoes.
Mish wrote: Great circle of kindness, twinnie!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» πŸͺ πŸ…
gardengal10 wrote: That is a great gift. Savor every bite!
Balou wrote: Yum! Kindness rrturning to you!

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