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A Simple Gesture And A Grateful Neighbour

--by Balou, posted Oct 13, 2021
Our regular mail carriers know that if I am at home, I am happy to accept parcels for others in our house. This is a small task for me and means my neighbours do not have to go to the post office to collect them.

Yesterday I accepted a parcel for a new neighbour that I have not much contact with yet. We have exchanged greetings and pleasantries but was all so far.

When she came to my door to get her parcel she almost cried with appreciation and told me her days are so busy and crazy that it would have been very difficult for her to go to the post office.

It really was no big deal for me but obviously was important to her. I reassured her that it is no problem and would gladly do this again in the future. It was a reminder to me of another example of how small acts of kindness can make a difference to others. And yes, of course, the parcel was graced with a peace dove ðŸ˜‰ðŸ•Š
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scully wrote: So sweet of you to help out the neighbor! She has no clue she is living next to a member of the kindness community, thanks for shining light on that with your act of caring
dance wrote: Small things....
Mish wrote: Thank you for always helping to do kind things for others,Balou. Accepting packages as you do is a great help for your neighbors. Bless.
unknown wrote: Kind Balou be blessed, always 🙏🙏🙏
gardengal10 wrote: What you felt was a small gesture was a massive help to your neighbor. Bless!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank goodness for your kind receiving of parcels!
fairykats wrote: Yes, it is a big deal to not have to go to postoffice, wait in line and keep waiting. So your kindnesses are a big deal :]
michelelpurce wrote: so true about something small to others is a big big deal to someone else. Never underestimate our kindness. :)
pluto178 wrote: Well done x
Rajni wrote: No kind act is "small" it may have very BIG effect on others. You are doing very good job. Very inspiring too.

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