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Slowing Down to Spread a Little Kindness at the Airport in India

--by Butterkind, posted Oct 23, 2021
I walked into a restroom at the airport and the janitor asked me to “wait” and went inside the toilet room first to ensure it was flushed clean and dry. She then gestured me to go in.

I was very moved by her kind act and gave her some money and an origami peace dove as I left. She resisted accepting the money at first,  but eventually, she took it.

She asked me to give her an online review for her service instead, based on which they get points it seems. I took a selfie (attached here) together.

Next, I also had an opportunity for the classic pay it forward game when I stood in line to get filter coffee. I paid for the person behind me in line.
I also let people go ahead of me in line when I saw that they were eager to go ahead of me.

The assistants at the airport have been very helpful whenever I’ve asked them any questions. We are all the same people trying to do our best.
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Peach wrote: Thank you :) this is nice
Georgia wrote: Butterkind-the best dance of its kind. If that makes sense? Being kind in unlikely places shows true character. Hope. Thanks for sharing you
Christine88 wrote: Very very nice
dance wrote: Kindness can be found anywhere
drjoybug wrote: I received this type of cleanliness attention at the airports in India. It was such a pleasure to see this. I also tipped and gave doves. Bless them for this attention
Mish wrote: Your kind acts send out many ripples. Well done, Butterkind. Bless.
Helenconnell2 wrote: So lovely!
TheHuman wrote: Very Good! Keep it up!
Drewtopian_1 wrote: I think I'd call pay it forward more than just a game. It has the potential to spread world peace.
Rajni wrote: Your kind heart did very good act indeed.

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