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Declutter Give-Aways Bring Smiles in Return

--by Mish, posted Oct 29, 2021
Resumed decluttering this morning and came upon this never worn long sleeve light weight sweatshirt with the Life Is Good sales tag still on it! 
I bought it last year for my husband but it was way too big for him. I knew exactly who I wanted to offer it to…. our really nice Fresh Direct delivery guy.

When he came today and I offered it to him, he said it would be perfect for his daughter. In return he gifted me his beautiful smile and thanks.

I told him about Life Is Good & how they donate 10% of every purchase to their kids foundation charity. I suggested his daughter check them out online.

I also arranged for a big bag of clothing to be picked up tomorrow by a local charity that accepts donations.

Miles to go with my decluttering 🐢

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Readers Comments

Nice wrote: This is nice
dance wrote: Thank you for sharing all this
michelelpurce wrote: great job! :) i love that quote but never knew about their donations. :) thanks for the kindness and for the info. i am going to check it out. :)
gardengal10 wrote: We never know where those "extras" will go. That sweatshirt found itself a new home :))
Rajni wrote: Those who deserve sweatshirt dearly, got it. It is very kind of you. God is helping you declutter your home and clutter someone else's. LOL
scully wrote: Great job to pass it along Mish!
fairykats wrote: So I watched a seminar today about October being a special month in these days. And the question was what are we going to create this month and what will we release? I wrote down a few ideas in both categories and I want to create freedom from the tyranny of things. Now, if only I can make myself go through the 80 boxes of stuff that have sat in this house for 15 years since I moved here. Sigh.
Balou wrote: Great new home for the sweatshirt and other clothes! ... and kindness & information included 😊
unknown wrote: You're doing a good job already dearie. Like I said, let's play tennis shortly. Mine is becoming temple with all these crystals, lol ...
Helenconnell2 wrote: I will think of you as I do my decluttering too!

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