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Spreading sunshine

--by cabbage, posted Nov 4, 2021
I baked treats for our new neighbors that I just met this week and made special food for a friend's son who is visiting her during a break from his chemo in another city. We got to spend time together and that was so wonderful and precious! 

I also put together hygiene kits for the shelter, and spent "overtime" at the soup kitchen this weekend -  I am so glad for my fellow volunteers. Then I dropped homemade choc chip cookies to another neighbor and then found out today that it was her birthday (I had no idea!).

Trying to talk less and listen more. 
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gardengal10 wrote: Delightful!
Balou wrote: So much kindness!!!
SissyLee wrote: So many lovely acts. You are an inspiration.
dance wrote: Thank you for so much kindness
mindyjourney wrote: And just think, all that extra energy put into kindness acts too! Thank you for always doing what you can to help and uplift 😊 🥬
michelelpurce wrote: what a wonderfully kind Sunday you had and blessed so many people!! thanks for making the world so much brighter for so many including us by sharing it with us. :)
Mish wrote: Full of kind caring. Bless you dear Cabbage 🙏
Helenconnell2 wrote: you are so kind and take care of yourself!
Rajni wrote: Your attitude of kindness is shining brightly with all the kind acts you did.
Margazhi wrote: Listen more ... Beauty 💗

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