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--by gardengal10, posted Nov 2, 2021
Earlier this year, a dear friend passed. She and her mother (in her 90's) lived in the same building, but not together. I learned that the building had been in the family for 94 years and the mom recently sold it and she moved to a senior living facility.

I sent her a "thinking of you" note last week. Didn't say much really, except that I hoped that she liked her new arrangement and that I hoped all was well. 

Much to my surprise, I received a note in the mail from her today. Of course, she misses her daughter terribly, but is happy in her new surroundings.

It doesn't take much to write a simple note to someone that you might know whose circle of friends has diminished due to age. I certainly didn't expect a reply, but I'm sure that she didn't expect the note that I wrote.
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Christine88 wrote: That is wonderful.
Nice wrote: Gardengal10. Thoughtful and kind. Nice!
Mish wrote: Lovely on both sides, gardengal 💕
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for always reaching out with a kind written thought 😊. How nice to hear back from her too!
michelelpurce wrote: handwritten notes are very special/ i did that earlier last year to many of my family blood and otherwise thanking them for being in my life. :)
Rajni wrote: Your concern and care with love and note are greatly appreciated
heartofflesh wrote: simple heartwarming notes convey so much o love !
unknown wrote: You might have made her day ...
Balou wrote: Thank you for reaching out to her! I am sure she is happy that you are still thinking of her!
pluto178 wrote: Thoughtful x

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